Life today can barely be lived without some form of technology impacting on our lives. Who doesn't have a mobile phone (smart or otherwise)? Even our TV's are smart these days and we can attach a computer to them to stream our shows from anywhere in the world. Now there is this Internet of Things (IoT) and apparently even our fridges and coffee machines will talk to each other so that if the fridge now knows there is no milk it will tell the coffee machine not to make the coffee and it will add milk to your electronic shopping list on your smartphone or add it to your online order to be delivered with the rest of the groceries, whichever way you want it done?

Of course all of this means that we need to make sure our WiFi networks are set up right so that they can all talk the same language at the right place and time. Given all this massive amounts of data we need to be sure that our network has good security and is able to handle the workload. Of course when it comes to the kids playing games on a console or computer these days they just want it to work and give them a decent connection so they have a chance of beating all those others from all over the world they can now play against and talk to at the same time.

So how do you set things up to ensure in the future they will all work together?

What is the best computer to replace your old one?
Should you get a laptop, tablet, all in one or desktop computer?

Do you really need a new computer?
Can you just change some of the internal parts?
Which parts work together and which don't?

Perhaps your current computer just needs a clean out (software and dust)?

Maybe you picked up a software glitch or bug and need help to remove it?

Maybe you just want to ask a question or two.

Get in touch with us we can help you out. We will come to you at a time that suits you so you can explain exactly what you need us to do. We will tell you what we can do, without the jargon, so that you can decide what is best for you. Of course if you like the jargon we can talk that to!


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